Walking through the front door of this multi-sensory experiential attraction is like stepping through Alice’s looking glass. Secret passages lead to a bizarre labyrinth of brightly hued miniature rooms filled with peculiar artistry and profound stories. The experience culminates with an illuminated journey through the universe and back to earth again. By appointment only..…

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Thanks to this expertly crafted “To-Do” list for San Francisco, I have been receiving more calls than usual regarding taking tours of our “Velocity Circus Headquarters”, and have been very much enjoying the folks I meet on this profound tour and journey.…
I am also delighted to be listed among many of my favorite local attractions which have inspired me since I was kid and continue to do so!
The artistic director of the Velocity Circus opens his home to the public (by appointment) in experimentally themed rooms and a labyrinth to symbolize “the path of life.”

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“I’ve always harbored a fantasy that magic portals to parallel universes really do exist outside of C.S. Lewis books.  My childish wish has been manifested in this very special house, which serves as a gateway to a wonderland where artistry is celebrated, watch-checking is frowned upon, and generic home décor does not exist..”

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“Greg is an awesome host. He’s a great conversationalist, who seems as interested in his guests as they are in him, and he knows how to give good spread. Here’s a little tower of yum that he had waiting for us when we arrived (and that’s Greg in there, too)…”

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“Arsenal Pulp’s Unknown City books, which take you to places where Fodor’s editors dare not go. With its offbeat, often scandalous history, San Francisco seems a prime candidate for the series. San Francisco: The Unknown City doesn’t disappoint. Insiders Helene Goupil and Josh Krist escort readers on tours of the city’s hidden nooks and dark crannies. …”

JoAnne Locktov’s coffee table book, Mosaic Art and Style by Quarry Books

Lillian Sizemore’s guidebook, the first to chart the fabulous and diverse medium of mosaics in San Francisco…




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